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Project: CUPRA Garage in Milan

Our partnership with one of the most innovative international brands in the automotive sector.
Project: CUPRA Garage in Milan

The new CUPRA Garage in Milan is INFINITYS-powered! We worked with the Spanish company to plan and realize the most simple and powerful Digital Signage ecosystem for the exclusive flagship store, located in Corso Como 1.

The goal of our client was to spread the values of the brand and excite its customers: mission accomplished thanks to the majestic Digital Wall and versatile Small Signage devices.

A place realized to perfectly transmit the uniqueness, the innovation and the passion for performances

Press Release CUPRA Italia

A big thank you to our partner Fkontract for managing the project!

Some pictures of the store:

CUPRA Milano Digital Wall

CUPRA Milano Digital Signage

CUPRA Milano Digital Wall

Learn more about the project in our Success Story!

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