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Digital Signage:
Your message,
simply powerful

Communicate, stimulate, interact with your audience
INFINITYS, the #1 in managed Digital Signage solutions
INFINITYS, your message, simply powerful


your communication channel that speaks the language of the digital future, a future that is already today, and that gets your message across – whatever it may be. Simply and effectively. How you want, where you want, and always tailored to your audience.
We stand for excellence and quality in Digital Signage, with technologies 100% Made in Italy.

The INFINITYS approach to Digital Signage

Yes, Digital Signage is the new form of communication that lets you tailor and adapt content on digital displays. That sounds easy, but it’s another thing to do it well – especially when Digital Signage plays an integral role in your communication strategy.

It’s not about having an extra display screen here or there. The real challenge is to keep your entire communication ecosystem under control – from managing your content and devices to your support requirements.
INFINITYS offers a unique and revolutionary approach to your digital communication. We are the #1 managed Digital Signage solution provider in Italy. You focus on your message and content. We’ll take care of the rest!

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Your message is important, whether you’re a business owner, sales and marketing professional, or HR manager. But it’s often difficult to get the message across. The solution to this problem is called INFINITYS. INFINITYS is the contemporary, direct, and smart way to communicate YOUR MESSAGE to your target audience. An unparalleled solution.


INFINITYS makes your digital communication easier than ever before. You need no additional equipment, no powerful graphics cards, and absolutely no prior experience in IT or graphic design. The only thing you really need is an excellent, intuitive, and extremely easy-to-use system for managing your content. If you have something to say, INFINITYS lets you say it SIMPLY.


INFINITYS is a powerful tool for delivering your message. Whenever you want, to whomever you want. All teams and departments can share their communications at the click of a button via the control panel. Your message will then reach all your displays – whether in your enterprise or in-store. In your city, in your region, and in any country you require. All thanks to a smart and POWERFUL solution that speaks the language of the future.

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Focus on your message and content.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Find the right solution for your message

Smart Corporate

Communicate in a completely different way in your enterprise with employees, customers and guests.
Stimulate. Engage. Inspire.
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Smart Retail

Communicate with your customers in-store speaking the language of the future and guiding their buying process.
Capture. Interact. Convert.
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Smart Tourism

Make context an integral part of a unique digital experience to communicate with your target group in the smart city of today and tomorrow.
Expand. Inform. Transform.
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Smart Mobility

Communicate with all users of your public or private transport or mobility network to create a unique user and travel experience.
Inform. Assist. Recommend.
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