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INFINITYS for interior designers


The final result of an architectural project and interior design enhanced by the integration of modern technological solutions.

Your clients may express a desire to modernise their commercial premises or offices with the inclusion of futuristic elements that will impress the public and convey positive stimuli relating to their services. Well, in that case you may wish to consider our solutions ...
You are certainly in the right place if you want to come up with an appealing project that will even exceed your client's expectations. By integrating highly effective and reliable Digital Signage Solutions in an architectural or interior decor plan your client's activity will be promoted.

In this way you will be able to respond to your client's requirements not only with plans for a modern layout and a refined decor, but also providing them with elegant digital installations very much in line with current trends.

It is increasingly recognised and we are fully aware that with respect to the design of interior spaces Digital Signage has a truly significant effect and far exceeds that of simply installing a few extra monitors here and there inside a building. An important inherent factor lies in the conception of projects that will harmoniously integrate physical spaces and digital communication technology and will simultaneously facilitate in a characteristic manner the management of devices and applications in line with the client’s communication strategy.
So, which partner is going to provide you with the solution you require?


A qualified, reliable partner offering the appropriate technological skills and products that will ensure your clients are satisfied!

Together with our technicians and consultants, we will be pleased to support you throughout the entire planning and design phase and you will be able to exploit the vast experience we have acquired in the design of Digital Signage eco-systems for our clients and by collaborating with designers - like you - to achieve successful results.

A qualified, reliable partner offering the appropriate technological skills and products that will ensure your clients are satisfied!

The INFINITYS Digital Signage Solutions. More than simple digital display units that are part of the interior decor

Together, we can create the futuristic settings or scenarios your clients have dreamed of by integrating your designs with effective, dynamic digital communication eco-systems totally in line with your client’s requirements.
Our approach to Digital Signage

Our approach to Digital Signage

Discover the potential of INFINITYS - the Digital Signage Solution for your projects.

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ANIMA Content Panel

ANIMA Content Panel

Learn about the advantages of the ANIMA. The content panel developed for our INFINITYS installations, is providing clients with an optimal software for the ma...

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Our Team

Our Team

Meet our team of highly reliable experts and consultants.

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Your projects with INFINITYS

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Smart Corporate

Communicate in a completely different way in your enterprise with employees, customers and guests.
Stimulate. Engage. Inspire.
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Smart Retail

Communicate with your customers in-store speaking the language of the future and guiding their buying process.
Capture. Interact. Convert.
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Smart Tourism

Make context an integral part of a unique digital experience to communicate with your target group in the smart city of today and tomorrow.
Expand. Inform. Transform.
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Smart Mobility

Communicate with all users of your public or private transport or mobility network to create a unique user and travel experience.
Inform. Assist. Recommend.
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