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ANIMA, your simply powerful content panel!


ANIMA – at the heart of INFINITYS Digital Signage, proudly made in Italy

ANIMA is the cloud-based content panel by INFINITYS. ANIMA gives you everything you need to manage your entire Digital Signage ecosystem. Created by our in-house developers and 100% made in Italy, ANIMA is installed directly on the operating system of your displays. It is accessible from anywhere at any time, for total control over what you have to say.
With ANIMA, there are no more limits to your communication. Simply powerful!

ANIMA – at the heart of INFINITYS Digital Signage, proudly made in Italy

The content panel for all your needs

Forget about the days when you had to connect a PC, USB stick, or toy-media player to your displays to manage and play back your content. ANIMA, the simply powerful content panel, gives you individual command over all the physical devices you want to display your message on. ANIMA is at the heart of your Digital Signage ecosystem. A unique tool for managing content, users and devices. The driving force that maximises your investment in INFINITYS integrated digital communication.

Do you have displays that are underused and hard to manage without a central system to bring them to life?

No problem – let INFINITYS and ANIMA take you into the future of Digital Signage.

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Discover everything that ANIMA has to offer

More than you can imagine, ANIMA is the beating heart of your successful and long-term communication strategy. ANIMA maximises the return on your investments for the full achievement of your goals.
Content Panel Features

Content Panel Features

Manage not only your content, but also your devices and content managers. All with the utmost simplicity from ANIMA, the single control centre for your Dig...

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Integrated Widgets

Integrated Widgets

Choose the widgets that are right for you from the wide variety of predefined widgets in ANIMA – from the weather to the news to the calendar. Can’t find what ...

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QR Code Engagement

QR Code Engagement

Completely revolutionise your communication concept and target audience interaction with dynamic QR codes, connecting the physical space of your outlets and PO...

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Have you invested a lot in monitors and displays without achieving the desired results? What you need is a simply powerful content panel!

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Smart Corporate

Communicate in a completely different way in your enterprise with employees, customers and guests.
Stimulate. Engage. Inspire.
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Smart Retail

Communicate with your customers in-store speaking the language of the future and guiding their buying process.
Capture. Interact. Convert.
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Smart Tourism

Make context an integral part of a unique digital experience to communicate with your target group in the smart city of today and tomorrow.
Expand. Inform. Transform.
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