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Digital Signage solutions for the tourism sector

Welcome your tourists the smart way – with useful, up to-the-minute information. Thanks to INFINITYS Smart Tourism

It’s important to welcome holidaymakers and tourists the right way. A happy and satisfied tourist is likely to come back – and maybe bring more tourists with him! 😊

But we all know that tourists have changed: their expectations are higher than ever, and that includes a demand for digital services. Today’s holidaymaker is “always connected”, and lives in harmony between the physical and virtual worlds. So modern tourism is adapting and becoming smart too, speaking the digital language of the tourist – the language of the future!

Revolutionise your approach to tourism,

welcoming visitors with modern, multi-purpose solutions that also benefit your local community. Digitise your information points and attract visitors with the many additional services you offer – from charging their mobile devices to journey planners for all available means of transport. Focus on your message and content. We’ll take care of the rest.


INFINITYS Smart Tourism

Totem Info Point

Totem Info Point

Inform and entertain tourists and visitors with revolutionary devices that become real service centres.

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Touristic Promotion

Touristic Promotion

Promote activities and events on modern digital screens, attracting the attention of visitors, tourists, and locals alike.

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INFINITYS Smart Tourism


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