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Smart Infrastructure Hardware, suitable devices for mobility and transportation

Choosing the most suitable hardware and positioning it strategically is the goal of all our Smart Mobility projects. You can count on our full support from the earliest planning stages. We will find the most appropriate and effective solution to convey important information and play a strategic role in the public mobility ecosystem.
Monitors, video walls and information kiosks are just some of the many products that INFINITYS provides for a tailored digital information and communication system.
INFINITYS solutions

How to choose monitors and screens for mobility and passenger transportation?

The keyword here is flexibility. We plan a communication system that best meets your needs. The first step is a thorough expert analysis, which then serves as the basis for adapting our proprietary software and integrating the data. Finally, we help you choose the most suitable devices and decide on their optimum strategic positioning.

Digital communication for the mobility and passenger transport sector

Digital communication for the mobility and passenger transport sector

Our Smart Mobility projects offer maximum flexibility and are based on close collaboration with clients and architects.
Each project comprises:
planning the necessary resources, from hardware and software to data integration
consulting on the best strategic positioning for the devices
proactive maintenance, support, monitoring and assistance: we intervene directly whenever our control centre reports a device as offline
a turnkey solution, based on the project we plan together, fully implemented by us

INFINITYS' projects

Digital screens for mobility and transportation

Our project with Concessioni Autostradali Venete (CAV) for the realisation of the new space totally dedicated to traveller assistance and tourist information in Veneto.

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