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Digital Signage for rest areas

Our project with Concessioni Autostradali Venete (CAV) for the realisation of the new space totally dedicated to traveller assistance and tourist information in Veneto.
Digital Signage for rest areas

Scheda di Enrico Longhin, Consultant Digital Signage in ACS Data Systems-INFINITYS.

INFINITYS' success stories do not stop at tourist offices and shops: Digital Signage is in fact a simply powerful solution that is also perfect for rest areas.

For some time Concessioni Autostradali Venete has been working to offer more and more quality services to its travelers. This path has led to the development of CAVhere, which is not only a service center and is also much more than an information point: in fact, it is a real brand, totally dedicated to assisting travelers and providing information, including tourist information, to users. This multifunctional space was inaugurated on June 25 at the Arino Est service area (in the province of Venice) on the A4.

To convey information in a simple, powerful and modern way, CAV chose ACS Data Systems and its INFINITYS brand to incorporate digital communication solutions into its space and give visitors access to a fully integrated information network. As a result, Digital Welcome, Digital Wall, Touristic Promotion, and Totem Info Point solutions have been installed to support travelers not only through the staff present, but also through interactive displays that can be used independently to update themselves on events, road conditions, occasions, and anything else useful to better organize their trip.

The world of mobility is evolving rapidly, and connected services must also adapt accordingly: today, those transiting our highways need access to information that goes beyond the car ride and concerns, for example, how to board at the port or check in at the airport, local public transportation schedules, tickets to access museums or attend events in the area

Ugo Dibennardo - CEO of CAV (Press Release)

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