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Digital Signage for transport and mobility centres

Our project at the new Mobility Center in Bruneck combines mobility and state-of-the-art digital communication through Digital Signage.
Digital Signage for transport and mobility centres

The future of mobility centres passes through Digital Signage!
An example of this is the new Pustertal Mobility Center, located at the Brunico railway station, which combines all different forms of mobility: train, bus, bicycle and scooter.

The Mobility Center, strongly desired by the provincial government to take a further step toward making South Tyrol increasingly sustainable, is also equipped with numerous digital communication solutions to make it even more modern and welcoming for visitors and travelers. Therefore, ACS Data Systems and INFINITYS contributed to the project by recommending the right technology hardware for the infrastructure and adapting the ANIMA mobility and transport software to the needs of the Mobility Centre. Specifically, the chosen solutions were the Outdoor Totem Info Point and Touristic Promotion, which created a modern system with real-time data on departures and arrivals.

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