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Cookie Policy in accordance with General Data Regulation Protection No. 679/2016 ("GDPR") and Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority Regulation No. 229/2014, as amended, on the "simplified way to indicate cookies and obtain consent for their use".

Dear User,

with this Cookie Policy we would like to provide you with all the important information regarding the use of cookies on the INFINITYS website (hereinafter only "Website"), in order to guarantee you the best possible browsing experience and, at the same time, the complete control over your personal preferences.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is ACS Data Systems Spa, with registered office in 39100 - Bolzano (BZ), Via Luigi Negrelli 6 (hereinafter "ACS" or "Controller"). Since the third-party installation of Cookies through the services used on this Website cannot be technically monitored by the Controller, all specific references to Cookies installed by third parties are to be considered indicative. Therefore, in order to obtain complete information, we invite you to consult the privacy policy of any third-party services listed in this Cookie Policy, by clicking on the relevant link included in the aforementioned list.

What are cookies

“Cookies" are usually strings of text that websites visited directly by the User (so-called "publishers" or "first party") or different websites or web servers (so-called "third parties") place and store on a device available to the User (e.g., PC, smartphone, tablet etc.), and on the browser used (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.).

Data in Cookies

The information encoded in cookies may include personal data, such as an IP address, username, unique identifier, or email address, but may also contain non-personal data, such as language settings or information about the type of device a person is using to browse the site.

What are cookies used for

Cookies can serve various purposes, including monitoring browsing sessions, storing information about specific configurations of users accessing the server, facilitating the use of online content, etc.

Cookie types and purposes

Cookies, and in general any other tracking tool, may have different properties and may be classified according to their duration (e.g., session or permanent cookies), or according to their origin (e.g., first-party or third-party cookies). However, for a correct classification and an easier understanding, we distinguish the following macro-categories of cookies based on the purpose:

  • Technical cookies: these are cookies of a purely technical nature, used for the sole purpose of carrying out a transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of the service by the provider. Their purpose, therefore, is to allow the proper functioning of the website.
  • Cookie Profiling: these are cookies of a non-technical nature, used to link specific identified or identifiable Users to specific recurring actions or behavioral patterns in the use of the functions offered by the Website, with the intention of grouping Users into homogeneous categories. Their purpose, therefore, is to allow the provider to offer the User more customized services, as well as to send "targeted" advertising messages, in line with the preferences expressed by the User during online navigation.
  • Analytics or "statistical" cookies: these are cookies that can have both a technical and non-technical nature. When of a technical nature, this type of cookie does not allow the direct identification of the User and is only used to produce aggregate statistics on the use of the Website by users. In this case, therefore, the purpose of analytics cookies is to allow the Website to function correctly and to improve the User's browsing experience, for example by assessing the effectiveness of the services offered through the Website (e.g., optimization of technical performance, estimation of server power), by developing its design (e.g., detection of browsing problems) or by measuring its traffic (e.g., number of visitors to the Website, time slot of visits, etc.). When analytics cookies do not have the technical nature described above, they are assimilated to profiling cookies.

For details concerning the first-party or third-party cookies specifically used by the Website (e.g., name of provider, purpose and expiry of cookies) you can view the chart at the bottom of this Cookie Policy.

Permission, method of collecting and modifying preferences

For the installation and use of cookies of a technical nature (technical and analytical cookies not equivalent to profiling cookies) it is not necessary for the Controller to obtain your prior consent, as the aforementioned cookies are necessary to navigate the Website and use the services requested, or to improve the efficiency of the Website and the services themselves. For the installation and use of cookies of a non-technical nature (profiling and analytics cookies equivalent to profiling cookies), however, it is necessary for the Controller to obtain your prior consent, as these cookies are not essential for browsing the Website or for providing the services requested.

Your consent will be collected from the Controller by a special banner that will appear immediately on the Website. The first time you access the website, you can express your preferences on cookies by inserting a flag in the appropriate check box inside the banner.

It is always possible to modify your preferences through the specific function in this Cookie Policy and in the following paragraph "Information on consent and detailed list of cookies used by the Website".

How to disable cookies via browser setup

As a User, you can manage your cookie preferences directly in your browser. This will allow you, for example, to disable and delete cookies that have been previously installed or prevent the installation of third-party cookies. However, please note that disabling all cookies may affect the functionality of this Website.

If you wish to receive further information on how your browser stores cookies during your navigation and how you can disable them, please read the instructions on the relevant web page of the browser you are using.

Consent information and detailed list of cookies used by the Web Site

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