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Digital Signage solutions for infrastructures and mobility

INFINITYS Smart Mobility provides increasingly smart and connected mobility

The challenge of the future: digitalise a wide range of information and make it easily accessible to the whole community 🚌

When people talk about “Smart Mobility” they usually think of new technological devices that automate and simplify life in the city.

But there’s actually much more to it than that.

Creating a truly “smart city” means collecting and processing data from all the city’s various stakeholders (transport, restaurants and hospitality, vehicle rental, etc.) and making it easily and directly searchable and accessible to everyone.

INFINITYS Smart Mobility

Complete Digital Signage solutions and projects for mobility and passenger transportation

ANIMA Software for mobility and transportation

ANIMA Software for mobility and transportation

Use the ANIMA content panel, customised to your needs, to communicate with all users of your infrastructure.

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Smart Infrastructure Hardware

Smart Infrastructure Hardware

Choose the devices that best meet your communication needs, and position them at strategic points in your infrastructure.

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We are experienced in building transport infrastructures with public and private entities!

INFINITYS Smart Mobility


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