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Totem Info Point

Inform and entertain tourists and locals with modern digital installations at strategic locations in your city or town centre.
Equip your Totem Info Point with state-of-the-art components for communicating with visitors and passers-by, and present your town or city as a cutting-edge tourist centre that is attentive to people’s needs.


You can equip our latest-generation multimedia outdoor information kiosks with charging points for smartphones, e-bikes and electric cars, or air compressors for inflating bicycle tyres – turning the kiosk into a real service centre. Based on our extensive experience, we can advise on the best solution depending on the location of the kiosk. We also implement the ANIMA content panel and integrate the external data sources required for practical and effective digital communication.

Our information kiosk solutions are fully customisable and offer maximum flexibility in terms of their configuration and integration into external systems:
devices suitable for the outdoor environment, with high brightness, resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions (IP65 protection), with vandal-proof glass
link via the ANIMA content panel to external data sources with information on transport and mobility, hotel availability, restaurants, parking, etc.
air compressor unit for inflating bicycle tyres
charger module with USB-A and USB-C ports for smartphones and laptops
module with charger for e-bikes or high-power socket for electric cars
SOS module with emergency call button
charger and compressor modules can also be fitted to existing kiosk installations
QR Code Engagement technology for interactive communication with visitors and passers-by

Make your city centre smart – with INFINITYS Totem Info Point solutions tailored to your needs

Do you want to stay one step ahead and not only provide information points for tourists and locals, but also practical service points that can interact with users and assist in an emergency? Make a break with outdated technology and choose the optimal, state-of-the-art solution.
The INFINITYS Totem Info Point solution...



the customer experience



real-time information about your customers



and streamlines your business processes



your business more sustainable

INFINITYS' projects

Totem Info Point for tourism associations

Our project with the Tourist Office of Scena, the infopoint to support tourists and visitors in the South Tyrolean village, that decided to install a Totem Info Point to support its visitors.

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