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ANIMA software for mobility and passenger transportation

Use the best suited mobility platform software! The ANIMA Content Panel developed by INFINITYS is the most suitable ecosystem for building a customised solution based on your requirements, connected to your data sources and tailored to your customers’ needs – whether they are tourists, commuters or occasional travellers.
ANIMA, the control centre for your data

The best Digital Signage software for the mobility sector

INFINITYS content management software is the ideal platform for perfectly designed mobility applications. Timetables, alerts, news and lots of other essential information for travellers is just a click away thanks to the ANIMA Content Panel.

Digital Signage software projects for the passenger transport sector

Digital Signage software projects for the passenger transport sector

Benefit from our industry experience and proven best practices optimised with major public sector customers.
ANIMA for Mobility includes the following features:
real-time updates with current waiting times
end-user interactivity via QR Code integration
real-time scheduling and schedule changes
tailored to individual needs
integration with other data sources to provide useful information for travellers (e.g. special events, traffic)

Making data accessible: the goal of Open Data Hub and INFINITYS

For several years, ACS Data Systems and INFINITYS have worked with Open Data Hub – a digital platform created at NOI Techpark in Bolzano – to develop maximally efficient solutions based on real-time data. The goal of Open Data Hub is to process data from a wide variety of different sources so it can be made available to everyone. INFINITYS, with its Digital Signage solutions, enables access to this data via the ANIMA Content Panel and numerous information kiosks and multimedia devices in the province of Bolzano.

Learn more about Open Data Hub

Manage queues and flows of people with ANIMA

Our ANIMA software also lets you manage queues and flows of people, either by placing a widget on your website or by installing a device in your branches or service centres. In addition, the INFINITYS team can design a mobile control room for you, to help you manage people flows and other relevant aspects of mobility.

Discover our queue management system

Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more about how the INFINITYS solutions work and the advantages for your enterprise.

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