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Our approach to Digital Signage

We are well aware that your digital communication is not a game!

That’s why INFINITYS is an integrated approach, not a piecemeal solution. It is the product of experience, expertise and quality in digital communication.

We offer you tailored solutions with only one goal in mind: to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!

We design and build a custom solution structure together with you. We make sure you know how to manage your content, we take care of integrating the necessary audio and video technologies, and we manage and maintain your entire communication ecosystem.

Every project has its own story

Your Digital Signage with INFINITYS

Your communication plan comes first and foremost

We identify:
The structure of your device network at your locations
Common content (organisation and branding) for the whole network
Specific content for each element in the network
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Analysis & Design

Our Consulting team works with you to find the right concept for your message, based on how and where you want to communicate it.

We prepare a specific project proposal, estimating the time and components necessary for its realisation.

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Once the solution is approved, the Projects team sets up ANIMA and implements the layout and required integrations with other systems (e.g., SAP).

In parallel, the Operations team develops all details for the physical implementation and takes care of the installation.

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Based on your feedback, the Operations and Projects teams then make the finishing touches to the solution.

And that’s it! The project is successfully completed. All you need to do is start sharing your message via INFINITYS. Simply powerful!

But there’s more…

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Our experts make sure that your content managers know how to use ANIMA perfectly. But don’t worry: your content panel is SIMPLY powerful.

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Customer Service

Our customer service team is always there to offer all the support you need – whether it’s managing your content with ANIMA or related to your displays.

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Are you concerned about the long-term maintenance of your digital communication ecosystem? Rest assured, we are always by your side. We take care of required updates to your content panel and displays.

Find the right solution for your message

Smart Corporate

Communicate in a completely different way in your enterprise with employees, customers and guests.
Stimulate. Engage. Inspire.
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Smart Retail

Communicate with your customers in-store speaking the language of the future and guiding their buying process.
Capture. Interact. Convert.
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Smart Tourism

Make context an integral part of a unique digital experience to communicate with your target group in the smart city of today and tomorrow.
Expand. Inform. Transform.
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Smart Mobility

Communicate with all users of your public or private transport or mobility network to create a unique user and travel experience.
Inform. Assist. Recommend.
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