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The future of digital communication, together with ACS

At our side we have the best of the IT world. Together with our parent company ACS Data Systems – the leading IT service provider in the Triveneto region – we look to a strong future of excellence and maximum quality.

Our expertise, developed in a solid reality


A passion for technology and the digital future at ACS gave birth to the Digital Signage division.


Constant development of Innovation Practice and a desire to be ever closer to our customers led to the creation of the dedicated INFINITYS brand.


Our unique, in-house-developed platform for managing your content becomes our ANIMA.

Your partner for the future – find out more about the ACS Group

A unique innovation hub with the goal to answer our clients' needs with 360 degrees IT solutions, with the same level of realiability, expertise and orientation towards the future. Solutions that fit all your needs, with the same high level of quality.


SAMSUNG Digital Signage Platinum Partner

To offer simply powerful solutions we rely on top tier technologies. The Platinum Partnership of ACS Data Systems (our parent company) with Samsung is the result of a long-lasting and successful collaboration. Together with Samsung we look towards the future and exactly for this reason our Content Panel ANIMA – the soul of every INFINITYS solution - was developed natively on Tizen, the operating system used by Samsung devices.

SAMSUNG Digital Signage Platinum Partner

Furthermore, we work together with the most important technology brands in the communication field

Thanks to our partnerships we create your forward-looking digital communication ecosystem. We implement the most modern digital tools and the best audio and video projection technologies.
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