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Digital Signage for ski lifts and ski slopes

Our project with the SKIRAMA-Kronplatz Consortium, which operates slopes and facilities on the Kronplatz mountain, and has structured future-proof communication with its visitors through Digital Signage.
Digital Signage for ski lifts and ski slopes

Digital Signage is not only a privilege of stores and corporate headquarters: ski lifts, slopes and ski consortia can also exploit the immense potential of digital communication.
The SKIRAMA-Kronplatz Consortium (Plan de Corones), which groups eleven companies that manage slopes and lifts, has chosen INFINITYS as a partner for its digital communication in order to give customers the right information at the right time and in real time. Thanks to ANIMA, content management is simple and powerful: each company and even each individual lift operator can independently manage their own messages that are displayed live all over the mountain.

However, it is not just about advertising - there is information that is critical to communicate to visitors. And doing so with products such as Totem Info Point and Touristic Promotion, which are suitable for all temperatures and weather: the goal is a fast feed of data for an equally fast impact of the targeted communication.

Today, the skier who comes to Plan de Corones is no longer just looking for a slope and a fast lift, he wants to have a whole supply chain that works, from the booking all the way through to the experience he has in the destination

Andrea Del Frari - Director SKIRAMA-Kronplatz

Kronplatz Totem Info Point

Kronplatz Totem Info Point

Kronplatz Touristic Promotion

Kronplatz Digital Signage

Kronplatz Digital Signage

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