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Company Noticeboard: Innovation is the Digital Board

The company noticeboard is a very important tool for internal corporate communication. However, it has numerous limitations, which have been overcome by modern solutions such as the Digital Noticeboard, with which internal corporate communication is digitized.
Company Noticeboard: Innovation is the Digital Board

Internal communication is a key element for the success of any company. One of the traditional tools for sharing information within the office is the company noticeboard: in recent years, however, technological innovation has made great strides, providing companies with new solutions to improve both internal and external communication, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. In this new context, the Digital Board is establishing itself as an essential tool for companies that want to improve internal communication, going beyond the “classic” company noticeboard.

What is a company noticeboard and what is its purpose?

The company noticeboard is a space where corporate collaborators can find important information related to the company, such as announcements, notices, memos, events, and other communications. It is a rather simple but very effective tool for informing all employees about company news. Usually, when we refer to a company noticeboard, we mean a physical board, but the same informative function can be served by a “virtual board,” for example on SharePoint or via mass email distributions.

As seen, the purpose of the company noticeboard is to spread information within the company to keep collaborators up to date on facts regarding the company. The company noticeboard thus serves as a centralized place for internal communication within the company. Another often underestimated aspect of company noticeboards is that, thanks to the continuous exchange of information, they strengthen the employees' sense of belonging to the company and the Corporate Culture of its collaborators.

Traditional company noticeboards: what are the limitations

Traditional company noticeboards have limitations, which in recent years have led numerous companies to adopt equivalent solutions based on Digital Signage technologies.
In particular, traditional company noticeboards can easily suffer from information loss due to the difficulty in updating them. If we think about the traditional cork board, updating information involves printing the updated message, removing the old announcement, and affixing the new one. And while in words it does not seem overly complicated, it is indeed so as the size of the company increases: more locations and languages make the updating process more complex, which requires an adequate management system and dedicated personnel.
Another limitation of traditional noticeboards is certainly sustainability, as paper and printing inks are needed for each message posted on every noticeboard within the entire corporate system. To what has already been written, it should be added that every company noticeboard has limited space, is often poorly organized, and can be subject to deterioration or damage of the messages.

Digital Board: what it is and what are the advantages

Digital Noticeboards represent an innovative solution to improve the efficiency and interactivity of internal communication in both large and small companies. They consist of digital displays placed at strategic corporate points that, through the use of software called Content Panel, transmit messages that are easily modifiable and can be sent to display with a single click. Digital Noticeboards can be of different sizes, and they can be touch or non-touch.
They are tools that are not only very easy to use, but also dynamic and engaging, where information can be organized effectively and customized.

The innovation of the Digital Noticeboard

The most innovative aspect that leads many companies to choose the Digital Noticeboard is certainly its interactivity. Employees can indeed comment and share information, and this promotes real-time collaboration and employee engagement. Moreover, many Digital Noticeboard solutions are integrated with other company applications, such as project management systems, video conferencing platforms, or corporate social channels.
Finally, adopting the Digital Noticeboard is an integral part of the digitization process of companies, fundamental in an increasingly connected and technological world and where the sense of belonging to a company plays a very important role in employee retention.

Digital Noticeboard, the new form of company noticeboard

In conclusion, the use of the Digital Noticeboard represents an innovative and effective choice to improve internal communication within companies. It has the great advantage of being very easy to use, modern and sustainable, and helps the company to improve its own image and the way it relates to its collaborators.


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