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Digital communication in the BMW flagship store

Our pilot project with BMW, a future-oriented and sustainable automotive brand, at the brand new Roma Urban Store, which offers a new customer experience to its visitors.
Digital communication in the BMW flagship store

For the new exclusive Barberini Street's Rome Urban Store, a worldwide pilot project with which the brand plans to offer a whole new customer experience, BMW has chosen INFINITYS as partner for a simple and powerful communication, demonstrating the close relationship between Digital Signage and flagship stores of the future!

With its newest store BMW aims to evolve the relationship with its customers thanks to the use of many INFINITYS digital solutions, including the majestic Digital Wall, the QR Code Engagement and the gender cameras, to guarantee a 360° experience.

A new way of interpreting retail in the context of sustainability

Massimiliano Di Silvestre - President and CEO BMW Italy

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