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Digital communication in the MINI flagship store

Our project with MINI, the automotive brand of the BMW group that symbolises uniqueness and inspiration. The evolution of technologies goes hand in hand with the evolution of sales processes: this is why MINI chose to renovate its flagship store by relying on INFINITYS for digital communication.
Digital communication in the MINI flagship store

Michele Kerschbaumer, Head of Digital Signage of ACS Data Systems-INFINITYS

The MINI Urban Store on Barberini street in the centre of Rome has always been a strategic location for the BMW Group, the owner of the MINI brand, to convey its values, first and foremost its uniqueness and being a source of inspiration for its customers all over the world.
In recent years, the automotive industry has been revolutionised by new technologies and the many issues related to sustainability, which is why MINI and BMW Group decided to drive forward the evolution of sales processes at the same time.
A key aspect of this project was the decision to work on digital communication within the flagship store, for which MINI relied on INFINITYS Digital Signage solutions from ACS Data Systems.

Digital Signage, the omnichannel digital communication tool for points of sale

The underlying need is, as always, the same: to integrate digital with human relationships in order to offer a true omnichannel experience.

We want to cultivate moments to be shared with customers where we transmit the values of the brand, the passion and the bond with MINI. We want to make tomorrow's mobility world dream and accompany customers into the future, exciting them, fuelling their passion, making them feel part of the warm MINI community. To achieve this strategic goal we have brought design, technology, digitisation and customisation into the next generation MINI; a renewed human, brilliant and competent relationship to accompany our customers in their brand experience and a new home with new architectural and digital standards.

Massimiliano Di Silvestre - President and CEO BMW Italy

All this was made possible by INFINITYS, thanks to its simply powerful Digital Signage solutions and the ANIMA Content Panel.

Digital communication in stores, the best devices

MINI focused on top-of-the-range devices, supported by INFINITYS in choosing not only the best hardware, but also the strategic location in which to position them. Specifically, MINI chose Digital Wall solutions, large emotional screens, and In-Store Promotion, smaller screens that can also be touch screens. In addition, MINI also decided to exploit ANIMA's native QR Code Engagement widget to take the customer from the physical space of the shop to the digital space.

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