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Digital communication, it’s time to believe

Discover market needs, the increasing role played by new technologies and their actual potential.
Digital communication, it’s time to believe

The impact of Covid-19

The pandemic did not create new needs in terms of digital technologies, but it triggered an extraordinary acceleration of processes that had already started a long time ago. It can also be said that the events of the last two years have changed us, inside, forever. Not only have they changed our way of thinking about our relationship with others, but they have also and above all led us to demand more and more 'digital' in every aspect of our lives. Rather simply, digital is part of every process, both private and corporate.

In this sense, Digital Signage is perhaps the emblem of this revolution. A digital context that follows us and makes itself available to us even in spaces that were not previously conceived for it and develops interactions that were once unthinkable. But with a single common denominator, which is the most important: to always keep the user and his experience at the center.

Digital Museum

The digital communication revolution is already underway

Digital communication is influencing not only our habits, but also an important part of the budget invested by Italian companies. Also in the public sector a lot is already being implemented, for example with the increasingly digitalized vaccination hubs. For private businesses, small, medium, or large, the motivation is quite simple: the impressive growth of online purchases is forcing shops to invest in technology to increasingly link the online to the offline experience. For many customers, physical contact is still essential: it's hard to buy a car without seeing it in person at least once, or without trying the driver's seat... And this is where the power of Digital Signage comes into play to support the offline.

We are faced with a new challenge that includes the effective ability of managing and monitoring data from installations that interact with users. How many customers have visited my shops? What was the conversion of visits into sales? The choice of content management software and the monitoring and safeguarding of this data, linked to the type of large professional display, becomes the discriminating factor in choosing the partner to work with and the key to the success of each project. Therefore, ACS Data Systems and its INFINITYS brand develop software and integrated IT solutions together with the biggest brands in this market, SAMSUNG and HPE.

A revolution that has not only affected retail but also the internal communication of companies and factories, the banking sector and wherever there is a counter for services to citizens or businesses. Hence the power and versatility of INFINITYS Digital Signage.

Room Booking

Not only displays: discovering content panels

Whether it's a small point of sale or a corporate project involving one or more locations, or to the digitization of large chains of points of sale scattered all over the globe, the requirement is always the same: you need a platform to rationally organize content, creating schedules and distributing them precisely and punctually to the entire fleet of displays installed. INFINITYS' solution is called ANIMA, a software proudly developed in Italy that offers security, reliability and a series of features that make it extremely versatile and scalable, suitable for the realization of projects ranging from the simple distribution of video on several managed screens, to the creation of advanced interactive experiences that exploit the most complex integration scenarios with external databases, sensors, applications for smartphones and tablets.

ANIMA Content Panel

Non-continuity is simply no longer permitted today. It is time to believe in these new technologies and even more so in these new digital communication scenarios, to have an easier, more immediate and, above all, experiential relationship with our users, our collaborators, and our audience.

Article appeared on the Stil'è website.

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