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Digital Signage for insurance agencies

Our software and hardware project with Generali to provide the group's insurance agencies with a new, technological and sustainable means of communicating with their customers: Digital Signage.
Digital Signage for insurance agencies

Scheda di Michele Kerschbaumer, Head of Digital Signage in ACS Data Systems-INFINITYS.

Generali is the leading company in the retail insurance market as well as the best known insurer in Italy thanks to its 8 million customers and more than 13 thousand employees. This is why the company has embarked on an important journey to give a more modern image and bring innovation and technology to its customers. In collaboration with INFINITYS by ACS Data Systems and thanks to the power of the proprietary Content Panel ANIMA, Generali has developed G-Vision, a television channel dedicated to all agencies in the territory to allow a real leap forward in quality.

Digital communication in insurance companies: Generali's strategy

Generali has decided to use a new and different means of communicating with its clients, one that allows for speed and streamlined communication: no more paper brochures that are piled up, have to be disposed of, and often are not even read. Thanks to INFINITYS Digital Signage, positioned in the most strategic places in agencies, such as waiting rooms, customers obtain information of interest to them that they would perhaps never have with a classic brochure.
With G-Vision, a schedule that is always up-to-date with the latest news and managed remotely by a specialised team, all Generali branches can benefit from this revolutionary form of digital communication. There are not only common modules and agency-specific modules, but also generic widgets (e.g. weather, breaking news, and QR Code modules). Moreover, even the switching on and off of the monitors is managed by the ANIMA Content Panel.

Digital Signage and G-Vision also allow us to be much faster in communicating with the customer

Marco Tomaiuolo - Head of Operational Processes of the General Agency of Venice Mestre Teatro Vecchio

The choice of hardware: what are the right screens for insurance agencies?

Once the software was customised, Generali had to choose the most suitable hardware support, which obviously varies depending on the agency, the position of the monitor within the areas and the spaces. Generali was also supported in this choice by INFINITYS, which, thanks to its long-standing partnership with Samsung, was able to offer several options. Generally, the choice fell on In-Store Promotions, medium-sized screens to be positioned in waiting areas, on Digital Welcome if the monitor was intended for entrance halls, on Small Signage devices, small displays ideal for reception desks, or on large Digital Walls.

A green and sustainable Digital Signage

Finally, great attention was paid to monitor consumption and sustainability. Samsung monitors are among the lowest consumption products available on the market, allowing the energy factor not to impact too much on the investment required from the agencies. Furthermore, in full compliance with the circular economy, INFINITYS has provided, through the use of a special player (obviously not otherwise necessary, since ANIMA is installed directly on the operating system of Samsung monitors), the possibility of bringing G-Vision also to non-Samsung monitors already present in the agencies.

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