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Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Our project with the distributor of electrical equipment Gruppo Giovannini to renovate its stores in Trento and Verona with brand new digital devices with which customers can gather information about the products and services offered.
Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Andrea Fabbri

Retail stores have historically been ideal locations for Digital Signage and other systems with which to communicate relevant messages to customers and store visitors.

Gruppo Giovannini is a family business that has been involved in the distribution of electrical equipment for 80 years. With more than 500 employees and 26 stores, it is among the leading Italian distributors in this field.

In October 2021, Gruppo Giovannini decided to renovate its store in Trento. For the digital communication and fencing part, Gruppo Giovannini relied on ACS Data Systems, already a long-standing partner of the company on the infrastructure side thanks to its Security & Networking solutions. The new Trento store has taken on the new name "Self Plus" and is equipped with numerous smart In-Store Promotion and Interactive Catalogue solutions provided by INFINITYS that can be used directly by the end customer to inquire about the company and its products.

After renovating the Trento store, Gruppo Giovannini decided to integrate the same solutions inside the store present in Verona, which can now count on interactive displays that facilitate customers' access to information.

We renovated and revolutionized the stores, trying to create dynamic, smart and efficient stores

Michele Argenti - IT Manager Gruppo Giovannini

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