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Digital Signage for the Manufacturing Sector

Technology can be used to improve internal and external communication, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Even in production companies, Digital Signage is increasingly used to inform and engage employees.
Digital Signage for the Manufacturing Sector

Digital communication technologies, such as Digital Signage, are finding more and more applications in manufacturing companies. These companies have realized that the benefits of digital communication go far beyond simple message transmission. Regardless of what is being produced, digital Digital Signage can help simplify operations, motivate teams, and ensure compliance with health and safety standards, ultimately increasing profits sustainably.

That's why more and more manufacturing companies are turning to INFINITYS to implement Digital Signage solutions in their businesses, such as the Bonomi Group (engineering and production of solutions serving energy transport and electrical insulation) and Zanardi Fonderie (company specialized in nodular cast iron and austempered nodular cast iron).

Benefits of Digital Signage for Production Companies

As briefly introduced, Digital Signage helps manufacturing companies bridge the gaps of other types of communication and reinforce the most important messages. Safety protocols, production updates, internal communications, objectives: the applications are numerous, and here we will only discuss the most important.

Improving Communication

Many companies aim to make it easier for managers to communicate with staff and enhance collaborazione aziendale. Studies show that 90% of the information our brain receives is visual, and that's why more and more companies are leveraging Digital Signage. Digital screens ensure that important messages and updates are shared on displays in an engaging way, making them easily noticed and remembered. Information dissemination is straightforward and potent with solutions like the Digital Board, eliminating the need to print flyers or hang posters.

Providing Updates

Digital Signage, through business process automation, makes teams more efficient by displaying real-time information on production schedules, work orders, and inventory levels on a single screen. From the office to the production site, messages can be automatically displayed for everyone and constantly updated. Sharing this data has also been shown to improve engagement, productivity, and employee motivation, making them feel valued and proactive. Streamlining communication between departments keeps everyone on the same page and allows colleagues to respond more quickly to changes.

Being More Sustainable

Another advantage of Digital Signage is that it represents a more modern and sustainable form of communication compared to traditional methods. There's no longer a need to print and hang thousands of sheets to update daily communications. With a Digital Signage ecosystem equipped with a centralized Content Panel software, it's possible to increase company sustainability and make the most of resources, drastically reducing paper and ink consumption.

Increasing Workplace Safety

Through Digital Signage, employees can be provided with visual guidance and precise instructions on how to follow workplace safety protocols, complementing the mandatory static signage, which can be challenging to maintain over time. Visual information is easy to understand and can be easily modified in case of updates to safety protocols. Digital signage is typically placed in strategic areas where employees spend their time, such as meeting rooms, work areas, and transit areas. This ensures that employees are consistently exposed to relevant safety messages and are inclined to remember the correct procedures.

Facilitating Emergency Messaging

In case of emergency, the situation needs to be communicated quickly, and safety measures must be clear to keep people within the production facility safe. Thanks to digital displays, emergency announcements, protocols, and recovery procedures can be displayed in all strategic areas within a few seconds. However, it's always best to prevent these situations, and Digital Signage can help by informing people, keeping them safe, aware of dangers, and working with the correct procedures during their activities.

Strengthening Corporate Culture+

Using innovative corporate communication methods contributes to faster, more dynamic, and up-to-date communication. Digital Signage can be used to recognize the work done by employees, by communicating the achievement of specific company goals or successes: public recognition can motivate employees to commit even more and strengthen the company culture.
Furthermore, digital screens can be used to communicate important information about professional development opportunities, company benefits, and team-building initiatives. In this way, employees will feel more involved in the company and motivated to give their best.

Digital Communication in the Manufacturing Sector: A Convenient Choice

Sharing great ideas and smarter ways of working is easy with Digital Signage: by customizing messages based on what's happening in the company, it's easy to always send the right message at the right time to the right people. Numerous studies show that keeping employees informed motivates them to work better and remain more loyal to the company. At the same time, dynamic digital communication naturally attracts people. Even in an industry that might seem distant from these concepts, such as manufacturing and production companies, Digital Signage can play a significant role, contributing to employee well-being and business success through increased safety and sustainability.

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