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Software for Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a marketing tool with great opportunities, but it requires comprehensive, intuitive, and feature-rich software to fully exploit its potential and support companies in intelligent and effective content management.
Software for Digital Signage

For stores, offices, professional studios, as well as companies, museums, and organizations, communication is increasingly important and relies on innovative digital tools with rich functionality. Among the most widespread and now considered essential tools in a marketing strategy, there is Digital Signage. It is a form of visual communication, based on the distribution of multimedia and digital content through screens in public and private places. To be transmitted on monitors, the content is created and organized through software that uses the internet or the local data network for transmission.

Digital Signage is therefore an effective method for spreading messages and content about the company and can support the marketing department in strategies aimed at attracting customer attention and loyalty, promoting products within commercial spaces, providing useful information to clients of companies and organizations, studies, and offices.

What is Digital Signage software

A Digital Signage system consists of:

  • client, i.e., control devices;
  • server, i.e., the Digital Signage software;
  • player, i.e., the screens where reproduction occurs.

The essential element of the system is the software, which allows selecting the contents to be transmitted on the screens, the time and date of transmission, and the screen on which the contents should be visible. Digital Signage software allows the marketing manager to manage the content in a personalized and flexible way and to define a precise schedule. Through the software, it is possible to manage the content remotely, through an interface accessible from devices like computers, notebooks, and tablets. Through the software interface, it is possible to control the different players and individual schedules, differentiating the programming in a few steps based on the considered screen. Once the content is defined, the software allows selecting the screen on which to transmit, scheduling the date and time of transmission, and defining the schedule in detail.

The use of Digital Signage software thus allows optimizing the online deployment of content, reaching a larger number of customers while optimizing costs, more engaging the audience if one chooses, for example, to use touch screens and interactive, and sending specific messages for selected niche sectors.

Software for Digital Signage, what features should it have

One of the elements that most affects the effectiveness of Digital Signage is the software. Digital Signage, in fact, leads to results if it is customized, easily manageable even remotely, responsive to possible transmission problems, diversified. For this reason, the software should offer features capable of responding promptly to the needs that the continuous evolution of Digital Signage and market demands ask of companies.

Digital Signage software should offer the possibility to remotely manage the schedule of one or more monitors connected to it, differentiating the contents for each selected device. Equipped with an intuitive panel, it should allow access not only via PC but also smartphones, tablets, and in general, the most important devices a company can have. Able to manage various types of files, from images to PDFs, it should allow the live sharing of content at any time and the programming for specific occurrences. To offer continuous coverage, even in case of problems, it should provide the possibility to manage the screens even if offline and give the possibility to create accounts with different user roles based on individual responsibilities.

INFINITYS' proposal: the ANIMA Digital Signage software

Brand of ACS Data Systems, INFINITYS offers a Digital Signage solution that combines monitors with powerful software capable of managing the content to be conveyed simply and effectively. The ANIMA player can be installed even on monitors already owned and used by customers, ensuring rapid and complete integration. Developed internally by the INFINITYS development team, ANIMA is the Italian Cloud content panel designed on the needs of companies that want to communicate through Digital Signage. By using ANIMA, it is possible to say goodbye to USB sticks and media players for content management: a device is enough to access the software to be able to organize, even remotely, the set of physical devices on which to share the message.

What differentiates ANIMA from other Digital Signage software

Through ANIMA, it is possible to manage content, users, and devices, maximizing costs and management times, for an integrated, coherent, and organized digital communication.
ANIMA is equipped with a simple and intuitive content panel, usable from the preferred device and that allows managing image files, videos, GIFs, PDFs, and URLs. Our software allows creating campaigns and sharing them on the desired display, after a preview of the contents that will be transmitted. Not only programming but also live transmission of content through a simple click.

Among the innovative features of ANIMA, the widgets stand out, allowing you to organize and enrich communication according to your company's needs. From welcome messages for guests and new clients to the latest news from one or more RSS feeds, sharing local weather forecasts, and disseminating social network posts, the choices are extensive. For communication where customer interaction is central, ANIMA offers the possibility to integrate QR Code technology. By scanning a QR Code on screens, you can create a link between the physical store and the virtual space designed for your customers, enabling a multichannel and multi-device customer experience. QR Code Engagement allows for the creation of customized paths for your visitors, tailoring your communication to the customer in front of the displays and also providing QR Code links to specific content you want to share with your visitor's profile.

ANIMA also offers the ability to turn displays on and off using automated timers and to monitor the status of screens in real time. In case of network issues, ANIMA allows setting up offline management mode, for reactive and continuous communication. The software enables the creation of personal accounts for content managers and diversifying user roles based on responsibilities, allowing specific content management by other company teams. For increasingly intuitive, simple, and optimized content management.

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