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Enhancing Internal Corporate Communication with Digital Signage

Internal corporate communication is crucial in modern organizations. It indeed helps to improve relations with collaborators, motivating them, making them more loyal and productive. Digital Signage is used specifically to support corporate communication.
Enhancing Internal Corporate Communication with Digital Signage

Internal communication within a company is a critical factor for success in the increasingly competitive business world. Digital Signage is one of those modern and technological solutions that many companies, big and small, are adopting to enhance communication within their organization.

Benefits of using Digital Signage for internal communication

Digital Signage is an effective medium for conveying messages dynamically and captivatingly. Due to its ability to broadcast visual content, Digital Signage helps to grab users' attention and keeps their interest high. This can be especially effective when communicating crucial information like safety alerts or significant internal corporate messages.
Moreover, Digital Signage is increasingly used to boost employee motivation. Displaying positive and motivational messages on digital screens contributes to fostering a positive work environment and enhancing employee morale.
Lastly, digital communication is employed to boost employee productivity, not just through displaying essential information like sales data or project deadlines but also by sharing successes and significant outcomes.

Statistics on corporate communication with Digital Signage

There are many stats showing the efficacy of Digital Signage for Corporate Headquarters. For instance, a survey by Digital Signage Today revealed that 88% of individuals who saw Digital Signage devices in a company said it improved their perception of the company. Moreover, 60% of respondents claimed Digital Signage enhanced their work experience.
According to a Gartner study, using digital communication can cut costs by 25-30%. This is because Digital Signage can communicate information more efficiently than other less dynamic and flexible communication methods.
Lastly, research conducted by Forbes found that using Digital Signage can boost employee productivity by 20-25%. Displaying crucial information, like sales data or project deadlines, indeed helps employees work more efficiently and meet targets.

How to plan a corporate communication strategy with Digital Signage

Planning a corporate communication strategy with Digital Signage requires setting clear objectives and an action plan. Firstly, it's essential to define the goals of internal corporate communication, such as enhancing employee motivation or conveying essential information effectively.
Next comes defining the target audience and the type of messages one wishes to convey.
Finally, one needs to devise an action plan to implement the corporate communication strategy with Digital Signage. This includes selecting a provider, outlining a calendar for creating and displaying content, and setting metrics to assess the communication strategy's effectiveness.

Best practices for corporate communication with Digital Signage

Several best practices can enhance the efficacy of corporate communication with Digital Signage. Firstly, it's vital that the corporate communication objectives and target audience align with the content, which should also be visually appealing and relevant for users. It's also crucial to regularly update content on the Digital Signage ecosystem to keep interest alive.
Lastly, it's essential to assess the effectiveness of the internal corporate communication strategy and make necessary changes based on user feedback.

How to choose the right Digital Signage solution for your business

When selecting a Digital Signage solution for one's business, there are several considerations, starting from evaluating the company's needs and its internal corporate communication objectives.
Each Digital Signage ecosystem is based on two main components: hardware and software. Concerning hardware, several solutions suit those wanting to enhance corporate communications within their company:

  • Digital Welcome, digital screens at the company's entrance serving as a digital greeting for guests and visitors
  • Digital Board, a display that can also be interactive for communicating with collaborators.
  • Digital Showroom, a digital display of the company's products or services
  • Digital Museum, a digital exhibition setup allowing an understanding of company history and fostering a sense of belonging

Beyond these solutions, specifically designed for internal communication in a Smart Corporate setting, other types of supports can be used to communicate with employees, such as the grand and emotional Digital Wall or interactive Totem Info Points, suitable for outdoor settings too.
After choosing the hardware support, it's necessary to think about the heart of the Digital Signage ecosystem, the content management software also known as Content Panel. These software typically require an additional media player to interact with displays unless they are advanced enough to be installed in the screen's operating system, like ANIMA by INFINITYS. The Content Panel usually comes with numerous widgets, among which one of the most sought-after is the QR Code Engagement, integrating QR codes into screens connecting the physical and virtual world.


Digital Signage is an effective means to enhance internal corporate communication. By using Digital Signage, companies can convey crucial information quickly and efficiently, boost employee motivation, and increase productivity. If one wishes to implement a corporate communication strategy with Digital Signage, it's essential to define communication goals, create effective content, and select the right solution for the business.

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