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Green Signage: How to Reduce Consumption of Digital Installations

The term Green Signage is increasingly used, but its meaning is often misunderstood: it is not about a specific type of Digital Signage, but rather an approach to digital communication focused on sustainability and energy optimization.
Green Signage: How to Reduce Consumption of Digital Installations

In a world increasingly attentive to environmental impact and eco-sustainability, the Digital Signage sector plays an important role in reducing energy consumption, as the increasingly frequent digital installations can have a significant environmental impact and high costs. Choosing low-consumption solutions is essential to ensure a sustainable future for digital communication activities.

Green Signage: What is it?

Green Signage is the term used to identify sustainable Digital Signage. It is not an innovative technology that reduces the energy consumption of digital installations, but rather a new way of conceiving and using screens and displays aimed at reducing consumption and increasing the environmental sustainability of the business, consequently lowering operational costs for the business.

Low-consumption Digital Signage, is it possible?

There are some steps that Marketing, HR, and IT departments can take to make their Digital Signage ecosystem a Green Signage.

Display Choice

Choosing the display is the first step in reducing the energy consumption of digital installations. Opting for low-energy displays like LED technology can make a difference: they consume less energy compared to other technologies like LCD and plasma. Additionally, LED displays have a longer lifespan than others, which also reduces the frequency of replacement.

Power management

Power management is a second important strategy to reduce the energy consumption of digital installations. Setting up automatic stand-by mode or adjusting the display brightness can significantly reduce energy consumption, minimizing energy use during periods of inactivity.

Efficient installation

The installation of digital screens can also impact energy efficiency. Screens placed in areas with poor natural lighting or where there is little or no activity can be turned off or set to a low brightness level. Avoiding placing screens near natural (e.g., fountains) or artificial heat sources (e.g., radiators) also helps to reduce energy consumption, as these external factors affect the display temperature.

Control Software usage

Using control software to manage the turning on and off of displays can significantly reduce energy consumption. For example, the turning on and off of displays can be scheduled based on the opening and closing times of the business. Thanks to INFINITYS' ANIMA Content Panel, it is also possible to adjust the brightness of the displays in your Digital Signage ecosystem, as well as turn them on and off. Moreover, ANIMA is installed directly in the operating system of the displays and does not require an additional player, further reducing waste and consumption.


Regular maintenance of digital screens helps to keep them energy efficient. Removing dust and debris from air inlets and cooling fans prevents overheating and improves energy efficiency. Additionally, replacing faulty or damaged parts can limit waste, preventing displays from consuming more than expected.

Sustainable Digital Signage

In conclusion, adopting low-energy digital signs is an important step in reducing the environmental impact of commercial activities and improving sustainability, as well as helping to reduce operational costs and improve the image. Business leaders can do their part by choosing signs with advanced technologies and reducing overall energy consumption. There are many manufacturers that offer accessible and low-energy eco-sustainable solutions, such as Samsung, of which INFINITYS is a Platinum Partner, one of the players producing the most efficient screens in the Digital Signage market. The adoption of Green Signage is a rapidly growing trend, and companies that adapt early can gain a competitive advantage in the market, thanks to Digital Signage solutions that promote sustainable advertising and corporate sustainability.
Adopting these sustainable techniques and technologies will not only bring environmental benefits, but also economic advantages for companies that choose to invest in green signs. That's why we recommend making the right choice and embracing this technology to support a greener and more sustainable future.


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