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How to Use QR Codes in an Omnichannel Digital Signage Strategy

The use of QR Codes is coming back into fashion, especially in marketing: they are indeed a formidable tool for connecting the offline world with the online world, central to omnichannel strategies, especially when combined with Digital Signage.
How to Use QR Codes in an Omnichannel Digital Signage Strategy

Are you a marketer looking to improve your strategies? Have you ever thought of using QR Codes in your Digital Signage? Particularly if you are pursuing an omnichannel strategy, QR Codes can be an important integration to make your Digital Signage ecosystem more interactive.

What are QR Codes

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes), first introduced in Japan in 1994 as a quick and simple solution for transmitting information between electronic devices, are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. Over the years, the use of QR Codes has extended to the world of marketing and advertising, becoming a versatile tool to improve customer experience, making it interactive. They allow the audience to quickly access online information using just a mobile device. The operation is very simple: by scanning the QR Code with a device equipped with an application to read these codes, it is decoded, and information is displayed on the device's screen, usually via internet access.

How to Use QR Codes in Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a digital communication system used by stores, businesses, and public institutions to communicate with customers effectively. Integrating QR Codes into Digital Signage offers numerous advantages, such as the ability to provide interactive information and create personalized experiences for customers, increase brand awareness and engagement, and the possibility to monitor and analyze interactions. For example, let's analyze three practical situations in which QR Codes can be successfully integrated into a Digital Signage ecosystem.

QR Codes for Providing Additional Product Information

QR Codes can be used to provide customers with additional information about products for sale in the physical store. For example, a car dealership might integrate them into an advertising display like the In-Store Promotion: at the end of an emotional video about the latest sports car, a QR Code is included that leads to a web page with the technical specifications of that specific model.

Discounts and Special Offers Accessible via QR Code

Have you ever thought about offering personalized discounts to visitors of your store? Combining QR Codes with your Digital Signage ecosystem is simple and immediate. For instance, a shoe store might offer special promotions by integrating QR Codes into the small screens of Small Signage, placed next to different models to explain their main features.

Collecting Feedback and Data from QR Codes

Collecting feedback or customer data is essential, but at the same time not always simple and immediate. It's always possible to send an email to your database asking to respond to a survey, but this practice is often seen as invasive and the response rate will naturally be quite low. A practical and quick solution is to integrate a QR Code linked to the survey within your Digital Welcome Digital Welcome, so that it is visible both at the entrance and exit of the premises.

QR Codes: The Bridge Between the Real and Virtual World for an Omnichannel Experience

But why are QR Codes such an effective tool? Mainly because they bring customers to experience omnichanality thanks to their ability to connect the real world with the virtual world. They can indeed transport customers from the physical store to the company's website with a simple photograph. This makes the customer experience smoother, richer, and, precisely, multichannel, all without interrupting the visit to the physical store.

QR Code Engagement Widget in INFINITYS' ANIMA

In light of everything that has been said so far, it is clear that attention to digital technologies that support QR Codes is higher than ever: there is no omnichannel without tools that combine the physical and virtual experience of customers. For this reason, the proprietary Content Panel ANIMA of INFINITYS, from which you can manage your entire Digital Signage ecosystem, offers numerous widgets, simple applications that allow displaying specific content on displays. One of the most requested is certainly the QR Code Engagement widget, which allows you to easily integrate QR Codes into your monitors without needing to be programmers: with their versatility and their ability to provide interactive and personalized information, QR Codes are a precious tool for an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Have you invested a lot in monitors and displays without achieving the desired results? What you need is a simply powerful content panel!

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