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Designing to Amaze - Kicking Off "The Wall Tour 2023"

On Wednesday, September 20, in Milan, the “The Wall Tour” was inaugurated, where industry experts gathered to rewrite the rules of designing collective spaces in the era of experiential technology and to explain its importance.
Designing to Amaze - Kicking Off "The Wall Tour 2023"

Digital Signage and content management were at the heart of a round table that kicked off "The Wall Tour" at Piazza Affari, Milan where the combination of design, architecture, and technology was discussed. The latter should not be introduced in a later stage of the design, but must be integrated from the very beginning in architectural projects, as it could make a difference.

The Tour started in the heart of the city of design and innovation, namely Piazza Affari in Milan. A series of meetings initiated and planned by INFINITYS in collaboration with Samsung and APCI - Italian Professional Chefs Association for the world of retail, business building, hospitality, and museums were launched. The project arose from the desire to sensitize the entire design chain to the urgency of integrally rethinking the Technology-Content pair as a focal point in the design of future experiences.

During the evening of the Tour's inauguration stage, the following speakers discussed:

  • Michele Kerschbaumer - Head of Digital Signage at INFINITYS;
  • Carlo Meo - Scientific Director of the Brand and Retail Experience Design Course at Polidesign Politecnico di Milano;
  • Ico Migliore - Architect and designer, founder of Migliore+Servetto;
  • Masbedo - Artistic duo specialized in video art works and installations;
  • Massimo Moriconi - CEO Omnicom Group;
  • Sonia Re – General Manager APCI, Italian Professional Chefs Association.

One thing is certain, only through debate and discussion it is possible to have a vision that can unite the world of technology with that of storytelling. From here, in fact, a new era of content design will start, since until now the content has always been underestimated and put in the background. “Too often,” observes Michele Kerschbaumer, Head of Digital Signage INFINITYS, “technology is relegated to the role of a simple design accessory. This happens without genuine integration into the general context of the project, and without a clear vision of what message intends to communicate or how it plans to evolve communication within a strategic investment”.

One of the protagonists of the tour is the medium through which the Culture of Content can easily expand, namely the innovative and award-winning microled display The Wall signed by Samsung. The reference to "The Wall" becomes a call to break down the barriers between the different professional fields, inaugurating an era of collaboration and innovation to support business growth, while raising the audience experience to a new level of involvement and meaning.

The next meetings will see stages in other northern cities such as Padua, Parma, and Verona with an invitation addressed to architects, developers, general contractors, and clients to discuss the new frontiers of experiential design.

Stay tuned!

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